Who We Are.

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Elevation 0m, Founded in 2017, is an independent creative company Based in Eugene Oregon, working with clients locally, regionally, and internationally.

We specialize in unique storytelling through cinematography and photography, with the goal of content that evokes emotion. Our company is built upon stories told about people and the unique environments that shape them.
It is our goal, when appropriate, to help manage campaigns that build brand stories, drive digital, boost business, and leave a lasting impact.

Because of this belief, our content has been featured on a global scale. The numbers speak for themselves: 40+ million views of our films across various digital platforms, and photography distributed across all stretched of the world.








About The Founder

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“Unlike larger full service agencies who offer a tremendous variety of services, it is my goal with Elevation 0m to do a select few things exceptionally well. Our staple from the beginning was to use the power of film to tell stories and provide a unique perspective. That will never change.”

~Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson CEO/Creative Director

Email: travisthompson.elevation0m@gmail.com

Phone: 541-961-2759

Travis is a 31 year old cinematographer, photographer, and editor. Originally from the Oregon Coast, his passion for storytelling drew him to change careers from an NCAA Track & Field coach to a business owner. His content has reached millions of people across various industries since founding Elevation 0m. He is a graduate of The University of Oregon, a former NCAA Champion runner for the Ducks, later going on to earn his Masters Degree in Administration. Throughout Elevation 0m’s existence, he has strived to build a unique clientele across multiple industries.

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