Wedding Services

Wedding Cinematography

Our bread and butter. A lead filmer and second filmer always on site to capture your special day. Ground and Aerial cinematography. Premium Post production editing and color grading. 3-Axis gimble stabilization. We guarantee fast post production editing times for you to share your memories with friends and family for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography

Available as standalone photography packages as well as bundle deals to go along with our cinematography packages. Let us compliment your wedding film with the unique style of Elevation 0m photography at your special day. Premium photo editing, Multiple Cameras on site, a professional array of lenses and filters to capture your special day to its fullest potential.


  • Video Package- $3,500

    What do you get? a 4-6 minute video capturing your special day, as well as a 45-60 second social media cut for Instagram etc. Our team arrives on site and spends the day with your friends and family while we work to create a cinematic experience for you to enjoy and share for a lifetime. We then head back to Elevation 0m HQ and begin the crucial process of post production editing. We guarantee a 10 day turnaround from your wedding date to receiving your final film, so you can share with your friends and loved ones in attendance and those who wern’t able to make your special day.

  • Photo Package- $2,000

    What do you get? 1-2 on site photographers from team Elevation 0m, capturing every aspect of your special day. Our photography team has shot around the world capturing weddings, professional athletes, fortune 500 companies, public figures, and small businesses. Photo sets include 1 on 1 portraits, ceremony shots, venue shots, reception shots, and emotional images from throughout the day. Our team strives to deliver you and your family a professionally edited photo package that captures the true emotion of a wedding day.

  • Combo Package (Video + Photo Package) 500$ off your bundle

    What do you get? A complete photo and video bundle, all captured in house by our team at Elevation 0m. Let us be the ones to help tell your COMPLETE story through the power of cinema and still images. Our team will work with you and your family throughout the entire day, covering every aspect of your wedding day. Having both the photographer and cinematographer know and work with each other guarantees content that can’t be matched.